Current Situation

From Chichester to Emsworth infrastructure for walking and cycling is poor. The consequence is high levels of car dependency which is causing pollution and community severance.

Map Showing Emsworth and Chichester
Map Showing A259 corridor Emsworth and Chichester


There are 16000 daily vehicle movements on the A259. There is one connection from the A259 to the A27 at the unsatisfactory Fishbourne/A27/Tesco roundabout and one to the west of Emsworth on the edge of Havant. There is the Whitehouse Farm housing development. Chemroute must be considered in the context of the wider traffic network and that includes the future planning of the A27.

To meet the demand to walk and cycle it is essential to reduce both the speed and volume of traffic. The A259 must be downgraded to a local road and a new transport model created. An origin and destination survey of journeys that currently involve the route must include researching the purpose of journeys (i.e. commute, business, leisure etc.) Traffic counts do not provide the relevant data.

An improved network design for all modes of transport can then plan for lower traffic volumes and reduced vehicle speeds with an improved street scene so cyclists and motorists share road space safely in the short narrow sections in the centre of the historic villages, and in Chichester and Emsworth. Where width allows, a separate cycle track each side of the road will provide the fast, direct and convenient solution that will encourage cycling, which in turn will further reduce traffic volumes.