Benefits for Business

The Chemroute Vision is about sustainable prosperity

Cafes, restaurants and pubs will gain because local people will be able to access them by foot and bicycle. Everyone, both local and visitors, will find it a pleasure to eat and drink at these establishments when there is less motorised traffic. Sitting outside will be much more attractive as well.
The area has considerable tourist potential with Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to the south and the South Downs National Park to the north. Let’s give tourism a boost.
Small business
There are a number of small shops on the route but they are struggling. Each village should be a community hub where people meet and do business.
The Chemroute Vision approach tackles the problems of traffic noise and emissions. It will be a beacon project for a south coast cycle route that can contribute to climate change targets.
The Chemroute Vision proposes that Highways England deploy money from two budgets: the cycle track improvements and the the A27 upgrade. By combining these resources a long term transport solution for Chichester and its surrounding communities is attainable.