Benefits for Future Development

The Chemroute Vision is a realistic approach to our expanding transport needs

Modal Change
Chichester College Many trips could be made by foot and bicycle: 1500 pupils at Bishop Luffa, 5000 full time students and 20,000 part time students at Chichester College, shoppers to a large Tesco and a wide range of Chichester and Emsworth businesses which employ people who live in the harbour villages. Changing people’s habits takes time but provided with safe infrastructure many will switch to cycling.
Coping with housing development
Housing is increasing to the west of Chichester. And many more trips by residents will result. Chemroute Vision believe that the Whitehouse Farm development and the new building between the A27 and the A259 deserve their own connections to the transport network. They also deserve decent cycling routes that are separated and run on quieter roads, as well as safe walking options.
A solution to the A27 Chichester by-pass conundrum
For decades the A27 has suffered traffic problems. Redirecting A259 traffic onto the A27 to the West of Fishbourne could permit removal of the Fishbourne arm of the Tesco roundabout, reducing congestion and improving this junction for traffic entering or leaving Chichester. It would reduce journey times for necessary longer distance motorised trips.